5th Annual West Texas Region Row Across Texas Race

Congratulations on completing the 5th Annual Row Race. Here are our winners.
  • Group 1 –
    1st place - Max Gouge 150,774 meters
  • Group 2 –
    1st Place – Ram Garza 815,689 meters
    2nd Place – Courtney Jones 704,920 meters
    3rd Place – Valerie Bittler 689,168 meters
  • Group 3 –
    1st Place – Jeremy Rowland 1,321,326 meters
    2nd Place – Matt Mull 345,643 meters
    3rd Place – Cabora Domingue 341,160 meters
  • Group 4 –
    1st Place – Michael Carrasco 922,151 meters
    2nd Place – Vilma Cobos 851,439 meters
    3rd Place – David Lee 750,001 meters
  • Group 5 –
    1st Place – Jose Corral 226,756 meters
  • Teams –
    1st Place - Benjamin Brown & Russell Weatherby (Slow Rowers) 1,323,765 meters
    2nd Place – Leonel Pizano & Haley Smith (The Not OG’S) 1,323,073
    3rd Place – Kobe Huett & Travis Payne (Meal Team 6) 1,323,183
  • Raffle Winners –
    Rower, SkiErg, or BikeErg - Vilma Cobos
    30.30 Rifle – Melisa Flanigan
    Fitbit Smart Watch - Carolyn Boyett
Congratulations to all and looking forward to the 6th Annual Row Race.

What's New

  1. This year’s race will have a $20.00 entry fee (through DPSOA Website dpsoa.com).  The fee will guarantee a t-shirt, participation coin, and the opportunity to win up to 26 raffle tickets.
  2. Teams are back!!! Individual competitors will be competing in one of the five age groups for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Teams will be competing for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and will still be able to earn tickets for every 50K meters. You can only compete in one division, team or individual.
  3. Cycling workouts will now be accepted. For every mile you cycle, you will get ¼ miles credit. (3 miles = 1,209 meters)
  4. For every 50K meters rowed, ran, or completed on the elliptical, you will earn a raffle ticket (Up to 26 tickets can be earned). 
  5. Tickets will be drawn at the end of the race for top prizes.  
  6. Participants are only eligible to win one of the top three prizes.  

Top Raffle Prizes

Choice of a Rower, SkiErg, or BikeErg
Henry 30.30 Rifle
Fitbit Smart Watch

This Year’s Coins and Shirt

West Texas Region Row / Run Across Texas Initiative

West Texas Region Personnel,

Starting December 1st, with the support of the Region IV chain of command and DPSOA those who are interested will have an opportunity to participate in a friendly initiative called “Row/Run Across Texas.”  This initiative is intended to keep everyone motivated to stay physically active between the Fall PRT testing periods.  The goal of this initiative is that each individual row/run/elliptical/cycle to reach the designated checkpoints along Interstate 10.  Individual participants will be categorized by age (per PRT flow chart) and the amount of meters performed. Participants are responsible for logging their daily progress on the chart provided.  Participants will need to check in every time they reach a 50K meter mark and at designated city checkpoints. All charts need to be turned in by February 28, 2021. Prizes will go to the individuals and teams who reach Beaumont first or if nobody reaches Beaumont, whoever accumulates the most meters in that group. As well, we will have a raffle at the end with all the tickets earned during this race.

Age GroupAge Range
< 29
30 - 39
40 - 49


This is an integrity based competition!!! This initiative is meant to be fun and motivate everyone to continue working out, or start!
  • Starting December 1st you will need to keep a log of each row/run/elliptical/cycle you complete.  This will be done on the Excel program provided.  (proof of each workout is not required but is recommended for bragging rights)
  • Upon reaching a 50K mark and every city checkpoint, you will email your calculation spreadsheet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible. *Do not skip checking in at checkpoints!!!! *
  • Road and treadmill runs are acceptable (NOT pedometers counting daily steps).  It must be a dedicated run workout.   A dedicated continued walk will also be accepted.
  • Elliptical machines will also be accepted.  Miles will convert to meters on the provided calculation chart.
  • Cycling workouts will now be accepted. For every mile you cycle, you will get ¼ miles credit. (3 miles = 1,209 meters)
  • Just like a golf tournament, you will not be monitored throughout the race.  So it is extremely important you check in once you’ve reached the assigned checkpoints!!!
  • You must be assigned to Region IV before or during the race to participate.  You will not be disqualified if you transfer out of Region IV during the race.
  • Refer to department policies.  Just as the current policy states, workouts shall be completed before or after your assigned shift.
  • Last, be safe, know your physical limits.

City Check Points In addition to 50K Check Points

Sierra Blanca - 123,920 meters
Van Horn – 177,028 meters
Fort Stockton - 370,150 meters
Ozona - 539,131 meters
Sonora - 595,458 meters
Junction - 688,800 meters
San Antonio - 870,657 meters
Houston - 1,181,260 meters
Beaumont - 1,321,274 meters

Prizes For Each Age Group

  • 1st place- Will receive a top placement coin, $40 DPSOA gift card
  • 2nd place – Will receive a top placement coin, $25 DPSOA gift card
  • 3rd place - Will receive a top placement coin, $10 DPSOA gift card

Prizes for Teams

  • 1st place- a top placement coin $20 DPSOA gift card for each participant
  • 2nd place – a top placement coin $15 DPSOA gift card for each participant
  • 3rd place - a top placement coin $10 DPSOA gift card for each participant

Row/Run Across Texas

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