Legislative Agenda

The development of a legislative program has been an integral benefit to the members of the DPS Officers Association. The Association has a strong record of supporting issues that are important to state employees, law enforcement, and commissioned peace officers.

Issues relevant to the overall legislative strategy are adopted by the Association through a democratic process. These topics are further developed by the Association’s Legislative Committee and then presented to the Board of Directors for action.

Agenda for the 87th Legislative Session

Support the overall efforts of the Department of Public Safety to maintain its position as the lead law enforcement agency in Texas


  • The Department’s efforts to maintain the 50-hour work week.
  • Funding for a pay increase for commissioned officers and noncommissioned personnel - including those in the Communications Service section of the Department.
  • Legislation to cover COVID-19 as a presumptive disease for all first responders in Texas.
  • Legislation to include overtime pay in calculation of retirement benefits.
  • Creation of an injury benefit for officers permanently disabled in the line of duty that is based on and indexed to the maximum pay in the state’s law enforcement salary schedule (Schedule C).
  • Legislative efforts to provide additional funding to our state retirement system in order to achieve actuarial soundness and allow for a cost-of-living adjustment or 13th check for retired DPS employees.
  • Adequate funding for state employee health insurance.


  • Efforts that limit the ability of law enforcement to protect the public from public safety threats.
  • Efforts that propose to convert the state employee retirement system from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan.
  • Efforts to eliminate payroll deductions for DPSOA membership dues.
  • Efforts to eliminate return-to-work employees.
  • Encroachment of other state employee groups onto the LECOS Retirement Fund in actuarially unsound ways.
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