Scholarship Grants

The Application and Instructions for the 2022 DPSTF Scholarships are linked below. All submitted applications must be completed on a computer, or print the blank form and type the information (when possible the first option is preferable and easier).

Important: You must print the completed form and hand sign the application and attach a final transcript and narrative before sending it in, or the application will be rejected. (See Hints and Tips for Success below)

*Foundation approves $60,000 in scholarship awards for the 2022 academic year.

The Trustees with DPSTF have approved $60,000 in scholarships.

Through the Scholarship Program, the DPS Troopers Foundation has awarded over $515,000 in scholarships over the past ten academic years to a wide range of talented and deserving students in the state of Texas.

Background on the Scholarship Program:

  • The DPSTF Scholarship Program provides initial and continuing education scholarships to qualified individuals – including both children of DPSOA members and the public
  • Scholarships are made available each year, to high school students from diverse social, economic, and educational backgrounds and are granted in recognition of the student’s academic achievements, community involvement, and potential for success
  • Scholarships are issued in the name of the academic institutions of the student’s choice
  • Funding comes from DPSTF, which depends exclusively on donations given by community groups, businesses, and the public at large
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