Texas Primary Runoff Election Results

Typically, incumbents who find themselves in a runoff are in deep trouble of losing, but last night incumbents fared well with only Rep. Phil Stephenson (R-Wharton) losing against challenger Stan Kitzman (R) 58%-42%.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) handily defeated George P. Bush (R) 68%-32%, and Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian (R) beat Sarah Stogner (R), 65%-35%.

Four of the five Texas House incumbents in runoffs won:

• Rep. Kyle Kacal (R-College Station) won five out of six counties to defeat Ben Bius, 58%-42%, in HD12 (Safe R)

• Rep. Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth) defeated David Lowe, 54%-46%, in HD91 (Likely R); and

• Rep. Glenn Rogers (R-Graford) defeated Mike Olcott by 752 votes, 52%-48%, in HD60 (Safe R).

• Rep. Jolanda Jones (D-Houston) defeated Daniell Keys Best, 54%-46% in HD 147 (Safe D)

Rep. Rep. Phil Stephenson (R-Wharton) fell to Stan Kitzman (R), 58%-42%, as the challenger carried the four counties that were added to HD85 (Safe R) during redistricting.

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) appeared to defeat Jessica Cisneros (D) by 177 votes, 50.2%-49.8%.

For full election results, including vote totals and winning percentages, see here: https://apps.texastribune.org/features/2022/texas-2022-runoff-election-results/?_ga=2.10012022.2107997730.1653405288-140940517.1645644685

To skip to the bottom-line, here is a list of winners in each race --


Attorney General - GOP

Ken Paxton vs. George P. Bush - WINNER: Ken Paxton

Attorney General - DEM

Rochelle Garza vs. Joe Jaworski – WINNER : Rochelle Garza

Lieutenant Governor - DEM

Mike Collier vs. Michelle Beckley – WINNER: Mike Collier

Railroad Commissioner - GOP

Wayne Christian vs. Sarah Stogner – WINNER: Wayne Christian

Land Commissioner - GOP

Dawn Buckingham vs. Tim Westley – WINNER: Dawn Buckingham

Land Commissioner - DEM

Sandragrace Martinez vs. Jay Kleberg – WINNER: Jay Kleberg

Comptroller - DEM

Janet Dudding vs. Angel Luis Vega – WINNER: Janet Dudding


Senate District 24 – GOP

Pete Flores vs. Raul Reyes – WINNER: Pete Flores

Senate District 27 - DEM

Morgan LaMantia vs. Sara Barrera – WINNER: Morgan LaMantia


House District 12 - GOP

Kyle Kacal vs. Ben Bius – WINNER: Kyle Kacal

House District 17 - GOP

Stan Gerdes vs .Paul Pape - WINNER: Stan Gerdes

House District 19 - GOP

Ellen Troxclair vs. Justin Berry – WINNER: Ellen Troxclair

House District 22 – DEM

Joseph Paul Trahan vs. Christian "Manuel" Hayes – WINNER: Christian “Manuel” Hayes

House District 23 - GOP

Patrick Gurski vs. Terri Leo Wilson – WINNER: Terri Leo Wilson

House District 37 - DEM

Ruben Cortez vs. Luis Villarreal – WINNER: Luis Villareal

House District 52 - GOP

Patrick McGuinness vs. Caroline Harris – WINNER: Caroline Harris

House District 60 - GOP

Glenn Rogers vs. Mike Olcott – WINNER: Glenn Rogers

House District 61 - GOP

Frederick Frazier vs. Paul Chabot – WINNER: Frederick Frazier

House District 63 - GOP

Ben Bumgarner vs. Jeff Younger – WINNER: Ben Bumgarner

House District 70 - GOP

Jamee Jolly vs. Eric Bowlin – WINNER: Jamee Jolly

House District 70 - DEM

Cas Hernandez vs. Mihaela Plesa – WINNER: Mihaela Plesa

House District 73 - GOP

Barron Casteel vs. Carrie Isaac – WINNER: Carrie Isaac

House District 76 - DEM

Suleman Lalani vs. Vanesia Johnson – WINNER: Suleman Lalani

House District 84 - GOP

David Glasheen vs. Carl Tepper – WINNER: Carl Tepper

House District 85 - GOP

Phil Stephenson vs. Stan Kitzman – WINNER: Stan Kitzman

House District 91 - GOP

Stephanie Klick vs. David Lowe – WINNER: Stephanie Klick

House District 93 - GOP

Nate Schatzline vs. Laura Hill – WINNER: Nate Schatzline

House District 100 - DEM

Sandra Crenshaw vs. Venton Jones – WINNER: Venton Jones

House District 114 - DEM

Alexandra Guio vs. John Bryant – WINNER: John Bryant

House District 122 - GOP

Elisa Chan vs. Mark Dorazio – WINNER: Mark Dorazio

House District 133 - GOP

Shelley Barineau vs. Mano DeAyala – WINNER: Mano DeAyala

House District 147 - DEM

Jolanda Jones vs. Danielle Keys Bess – WINNER: Jolanda Jones


Congressional District 1 - DEM

Jrmar "JJ" Jefferson vs. Victor D. Dunn – WINNER: Jrmar "JJ" Jefferson

Congressional District 7 - GOP

Johnny Teague vs. Tim Stroud – WINNER: Johnny Teague

Congressional District 15 - DEM

Ruben Ramirez vs. Michelle Vallejo – WINNER: Michelle Vallejo

Congressional District 21 – DEM

Claudia Andreana Zapata vs. Ricardo Villarreal – WINNER: Claudia Andreana Zapata

Congressional District 24 - DEM

Jan McDowell vs. Derrik Gay – WINNER: Jan McDowell

Congressional District 28 - DEM

Henry Cuellar vs. Jessica Cisneros – WINNER: Henry Cuellar

Congressional District 28 - GOP

Cassy Garcia vs. Sandra Whitten – WINNER: Cassy Garcia

Congressional District 29 – GOP

Robert Schafranek vs. Julio Garza – WINNER: Robert Schafranek

Congressional District 30 - DEM

Jasmine Crockett vs. Jane Hamilton – WINNER: Jasmine Crockett

Congressional District 30 - GOP

James "J. Frank" Harris vs. James Rodgers – WINNER: James Rodgers

Congressional District 32 - GOP

Antonio Swad vs. Justin Webb – WINNER: Antonio Swad

Congressional District 35 – GOP

Dan McQueen vs. Michael Rodriguez – WINNER: Dan McQueen

Congressional District 37 – GOP

Rod Lingsch vs. Jenny Garcia Sharon – WINNER: Jenny Garcia Sharon

Congressional District 38 - DEM

Duncan F. Klussmann vs. Diana Martinez Alexander – WINNER: Duncan Klussmann


State Board of Education District 1 - DEM

Laura Marquez vs. Melissa N. Ortega – WINNER: Melissa Ortega

State Board of Education District 2 - DEM

Victor Perez vs. Pete Garcia – WINNER: Victor Perez

State Board of Education District 4 – DEM

Coretta Mallet-Fontenot vs. Staci Childs – WINNER: Staci Childs

State Board of Education District 13 - GOP

Kathryn Monette vs. A. Denise Russell – WINNER: Kathryn Monette

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