Texas House voted to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

By a vote of 121 (Ayes), 23 (Nays), 2 (Present Not Voting) and 3 (Absent), the Texas House just voted to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Now that Paxton has been impeached by the House, he is immediately suspended from his post as attorney general while waiting for the Senate to conduct a trial. It is unclear when the Senate will begin trial proceedings. However, since the impeachment occurred during the session, state law says the Senate “shall set a day and time” for a trial and can continue the trial beyond when the session ends or choose to pause and come back at a later time.

If two-thirds of the Senate vote in favor of conviction, Paxton would be permanently removed from office and could potentially face criminal charges. Along with being impeached, Paxton would also be disqualified from holding any office of “honor, trust or profit under this State,” according to the Texas Constitution.

If Paxton is convicted, under Texas law the governor can make an appointment to temporarily fill the vacant attorney general position until the next general election.

Bill Number:

HR 2377 (TX-88R)


Murr, Andrew. Impeaching Warren Kenneth Paxton, Attorney General of the State of Texas; and articles of impeachment against him.


H- 2191 Adoption



AYES - 121

Allen, Alma(D); Allison, Steve(R); Anchia, Rafael(D); Ashby, Trent(R); Bailes, Ernest(R); Bell, Keith(R); Bernal, Diego(D); Bhojani, Salman (F)(D); Bonnen, Greg(R); Bowers, Rhetta(D); Bryant, John(D); Buckley, Brad(R); Bucy, John(D); Bumgarner, Ben (F)(R); Burns, DeWayne(R); Burrows, Dustin(R); Button, Angie Chen(R); Cain, Briscoe(R); Campos, Liz(D); Canales, Terry(D); Capriglione, Giovanni(R); Cole, Sheryl(D); Collier, Nicole(D); Cook, David(R); Cortez, Philip(D); Darby, Drew(R); Davis, Yvonne(D); DeAyala, Emilio (F)(R); Dean, Jay(R); Flores, Lulu (F)(D); Frank, James(R); Frazier, Frederick (F)(R); Gamez, Erin (F)(D); Garcia, Josey (F)(D); Gates, Gary(R); Gerdes, Stan (F)(R); Geren, Charlie(R); Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara(D); Goldman, Craig(R); Gonzalez, Jessica(D); Gonzalez, Mary(D); Goodwin, Vikki(D); Guerra, Bobby(D); Guillen, Ryan(R); Harris, Cody(R); Hefner, Cole(R); Hernandez, Ana(D); Hinojosa, Gina(D); Holland, Justin(R); Howard, Donna(D); Hull, Lacey(R); Hunter, Todd(R); Jetton, Jacey(R); Johnson, Ann(D); Johnson, Jarvis(D); Johnson, Julie(D); Jones, Jolanda (F)(D); Jones, Venton (F)(D); Kacal, Kyle(R); King, Ken(R); King, Tracy(D); Kitzman, Stan (F)(R); Klick, Stephanie(R); Kuempel, John(R); Lalani, Suleman (F)(D); Lambert, Stan(R); Landgraf, Brooks(R); Leach, Jeff(R); Longoria, Oscar(D); Lopez, Janie (F)(R); Lopez, Ray(D); Lozano, Jose(R); Lujan, John(R); Manuel, Christian (F)(D); Martinez Fischer, Trey(D); Martinez, Armando(D); Metcalf, Will(R); Meyer, Morgan(R); Meza, Terry(D); Moody, Joe(D); Morales Shaw, Penny(D); Morales, Christina(D); Morales, Eddie(D); Munoz, Sergio(D); Murr, Andrew(R); Neave Criado, Victoria(D); Noble, Candy(R); Ordaz, Claudia (F)(D); Orr, Angelia (F)(R); Ortega, Lina(D); Patterson, Jared(R); Perez, Mary Ann(D); Phelan, Dade(R); Plesa, Mihaela (F)(D); Ramos, Ana-Maria(D); Raney, John(R); Raymond, Richard(D); Reynolds, Ron(D); Rogers, Glenn(R); Romero, Ramon(D); Rose, Toni(D); Rosenthal, Jon(D); Shaheen, Matt(R); Sherman, Carl(D); Shine, Hugh(R); Smith, Reggie(R); Spiller, David(R); Stucky, Lynn(R); Talarico, James(D); Tepper, Carl (F)(R); Thimesch, Kronda (F)(R); Thompson, Senfronia(D); Troxclair, Ellen (F)(R); Turner, Chris(D); VanDeaver, Gary(R); Vasut, Cody(R); Vo, Hubert(D); Walle, Armando(D); Wilson, Terry(R); Wu, Gene(D); Zwiener, Erin(D)

NAYS - 23

Anderson, Doc(R); Bell, Cecil(R); Clardy, Travis(R); Craddick, Tom(R); Cunningham, Charles (F)(R); Dorazio, Mark (F)(R); Harless, Sam(R); Harris, Caroline (F)(R); Harrison, Brian(R); Isaac, Carrie (F)(R); Leo-Wilson, Terri (F)(R); Morrison, Geanie(R); Paul, Dennis(R); Price, Four(R); Schaefer, Matt(R); Schatzline, Nate (F)(R); Schofield, Mike(R); Slawson, Shelby(R); Smithee, John(R); Swanson, Valoree(R); Thompson, Ed(R); Tinderholt, Tony(R); Toth, Steve(R)


Dutton, Harold(D); Hayes, Richard (F)(R)


Herrero, Abel(D); Oliverson, Tom(R); Thierry, Shawn(D)

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